Bel Ami in the popular movie Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again

Tailor-Made Experience

After 70 years of sailing experience on the Sea, we are real professionals and experts in planning stunning adventures and vacations. We guarantee quality and that is why you, your friends and family are safe with us. For us, there are no problems or bad situations. We only have solutions and we know how to adjust to any wind and we adapt to any crew vibes with ease.


  • Photo shoot
  • Team building
  • Wedding
  • Funeral

For all the questions
about event organization we are here for you

Bel Ami’s timeless style provides an ideal setting for a professional photo shoot, commercial, movie or documentary.
Whether you are looking for casual, sport, formal or cruising, our wooden beauty will provide the right setting to help you reach your goal!

Our boat was a picture boat in Hollywood movie Mama Mia 2 and we hosted a famous worldwide brand on board for photo shooting and many others.

Launch your product, video or a brand to the stars with us!

Team building is a special program created for boosting the productivity and effectiveness of company workers. Our goal is to make your team content, relaxed and motivated.

Our sailing team building will provide your team with enough adventure, teamwork and it will affect their communication skills, bonding, taking risks and responsibilities. Sailing will also release their stress and boost their confidence.

Sail with us into eternity and make your Wedding day unforgettable.
As we love our boat and each other, we know very well that all we all need is love.
Love pushed us toward hosting Wedding Ceremonies on our wooden beauty.

Celebrate with us and your loved ones this special day. Surrounded with the sun, sea, untouched nature or panoramic view on some of the most amazing Croatian Islands will create that special spark that will last forever, just like your love.

Every journey has a final destination. Make sure that your funeral ceremony is to remember just like your life in this dimension. We organize a special event in your honor on a wooden old-timer.  In an intimate atmosphere, sail with us into eternity.