• July 23, 2020
  • by admin

Are you a first-time visitor to the Croatian coast, or a returning guest? Croatia has finally settled into the coveted yachting destination group and offers a wide array of services fit for any yachting lifestyle. The secret of the popularity of the Croatian coast is diversity – diversity of natural beauty, diversity of services there for you to discover. Everything here is just waiting to please, so it is little winder Croatia keeps rising on the charter destination desirability list, as well. The country and its sea are popular among owners and users of all kinds of boats – family yachts, motor yachts, motor boats, multi-hulls, RIBS and even sea kayaks. This choice begins with wooden sailboats of traditional construction, all the way up to luxury motor yachts with the highest level of service. Today the greatest growth is in daily rentals, many guests who spend their holiday on the land decide to hire fast little boats with which they explore the beauty of Croatia’s waters during the day. The most obvious and most common reason the yachting community keeps choosing Croatia is the nature.

1.244 Islands

The coast lures the eye with 1.244 islands, islets and cays, spread over the equally impressive number of bays, coves and inlets. In Croatia, untouched beauty lies right next to picturesque villages and small towns – and it all stretches over 250 miles and enjoys the mild Mediterranean climate, making navigation as easy as it is pleasant.


There are five national reserves along the coast; three of them maritime (Brijuni, Kornati and Mljet), one mountainous (Paklenica) and one spreading around the river Krka. It might be an overstatement to call Croatia the Disneyland for yachtsmen, but not by much: so much fin is a turn of the steering wheel away. No matter what your yachting style and preferences may be, no matter whether you are looking for a passionate race or the yachting equivalent of a romantic stroll by the beach, the Croatian coast will make you happy. In Croatia, destinations are as many as you can imagine – all laced with that deep silence typical of lazy days at sea, when the only sound you hear is the gargling of the water under the hull.

Discover a Hidden Gem

Numerous charter fleets and seventy marinas are waiting for you, but  please don’t spend your days at the dock: let the marina be starting and ending point of your adventurous journey, or a day’s fun. Sailing is gaining traction in Croatia and there is no type of boat you can’t charter, so take your pick and go find the piece of Croatian nature that speaks to you. Discover a hidden gem of a cove and stumble upon one of many intimate little restaurants accessible only by boat, a favorite among the sailing crowd, enjoy the foods so fresh minutes earlier it was still swimming and when you leave, tell all your friends about it. Already popular among lovers of good food, Croatian chefs don’t like to complicate: their creations are authentic, simple and prepared with almost exclusively locally sourced ingredients. We considers Croatia one of their most important destinations, whose popularity withing the yachting community is basis of their success in the region. Your first choice for helping you choose a vessel and plan a route, we is at your disposal at all times.