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Antigua Charter Yacht Show announces dates for forthcoming 2024 edition

By Katie Scott   3 January 2024

Following a hugely successful edition in 2023, the Antigua Charter Yacht Show looks ahead to another show packed with some of the most iconic Antigua yacht charters on the market. 

Marking the start of the Caribbean charter season, the next edition of the Antigua Charter Yacht Show is set to return from 4-9 December 2024 and stands out as a pivotal gathering in the industry. 

Spanning a week, this trade-only event allows brokers to thoroughly examine the attending yachts, delving into details about their designs, layouts, and amenities, while also meeting the captains and crew. Armed with this privileged insight, charter professionals are well-prepared to align their clients with their ideal crewed yacht charter.

Line of charter yachts berthed at the Antigua Charter Yacht Show

Scheduled to return to the Nelson's Dockyard UNESCO World Heritage Site, the 2024 Antigua Charter Yacht Show presents an extensive agenda of activities to accompany the plethora of indulgent motor yachts which are dedicated to backing local charities and highlighting the mesmerizing coastline of Antigua along with its surrounding Caribbean neighbors like Montserrat and St Kitts and Nevis.

Every December, the beautiful Caribbean island of Antigua is inundated with luxury charter yachts for the Antigua Charter Yacht Show.

Aft view of charter yachts berthed in the marina during the Antigua Charter Yacht Show
Close up view of a dish entered into the Concours de Chef competition in Antigua
Posed photo of two charter yacht chefs from motor yacht TRIUMPH

Known for hosting some truly phenomenal luxury charter yachts over the years such as 90m (296ft) luxury charter NERO from Corsair Yachts in 2023, the annual event knows how to showcase the best of the best with the highly anticipated Concours de Chef and Tablescaping competitions.

Pitting the best charter yacht chefs against each other, the competition is the ultimate test of skill and creativity with differing themes each year, which are then reflected in the accompanying tablescaping entries. The 2023 Concours de Chef and Tablescaping Competitions witnessed some staggering entries from all participating charter yachts with 89m (290ft) motor yacht SAMSARA winning Best In Show.

Elevated view looking over a town with brightly colored buildings on the Caribbean island of Antigua

The Antigua Charter Yacht Show is a trade-only event, however, if you're interested in finding out more about charter vacations in and around the region, take a look at our complete guide to Antigua or speak to your chosen yacht charter broker today about visiting the show on your behalf.

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