Old Style Racing Yacht

'Bel Ami' is an teak and mahogany two-masted Bermuda Ketch racer built in 1931 for an Italian Admiral who commissioned it for the Newport-Nassau race.

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Old Fashioned Experience

If you want an old-fashioned Clark Gable type of experience, the boat is a true beauty, and all who sail on it fall in love with it. It is ideal for two couples or for a family.

What we offer

Unique Boat & Trip

Bel Ami is a beautiful 52 feet long (15.6 m) Bermuda ketch racer. It was designed by Joe Murray Watts and built in 1931 as a ‘Bermuda ketch’ from teak and mahogany in historical Picchiotti shipyard for an Italian admiral. Explore stunning bays of Island’s and enjoy in untouched nature and crystal-clear Sea and taste some authentic specialties that Croatia has to offer.

Bel Ami in the popular movie Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again

Bel Ami Story

This old-style racing yacht is more elegant than usual cruising boats. The interior and exterior are real head-turners. This boat is a true beauty, an old-fashioned Clark Gable type of experience, and all who sail on it fall in love with it.

Budikovac Island near Vis

Unforgettable Trips

Spend days in some of the most remarkable parts of beautiful Croatia. We offer you a vacation that will become an unforgettable experience - spend three days with your loved ones on a wooden old-timer that was a lead picture boat in the movie Mamma Mia II.

Wedding at Sea

Special Occasions

We are real experts in planning stunning adventures. We guarantee quality and that is why you, your friends and family are safe with us. For us, there are no problems or bad situations. We only have solutions and we know how to adjust to any wind.





Time at Sea

'Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.' Croatian poet Dinko Šimunović


Satisfied Guests

Board the ship as our guests and leave it as our friends! And that's how we roll. This vacation will surely be the one you will remember!



Our main goal is to make each excursion unique and unforgettable! Let us paint the trip with the whole spectrum of your beloved colors!

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Hundreds of charming islands and islets with sparse traffic, fascinating beauty and natural phenomena are a guarantee for a completely different vacation experience on the Mediterranean.

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Unforgettable Trips

Bel Ami in the popular movie Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again

Tailor-Made Experience

max. 4 pax + 2 kids

SPECIAL OCCASIONS TRIP - We are real professionals and experts in planning stunning adventures and vacations.

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What you get

  • Wooden Soul
    The wooden soul for your voyages.
  • Mint Condition
    Perfectly maintained, in immaculate condition.
  • New Gear
    New sails and a new engine (2019).
  • Accommodation
    Ideal for 4 persons - 1 single & 3 double beds.
  • Privacy
    Separate skipper’s cabin with toilet.
  • Large Deck
    Extra spacious sunbathing area, sun covered cockpit.
  • Enjoying
    Sundeck cushions & hammock on the bow.
  • Water Toys
    Three-meter dinghy; snorkeling and fishing equipment.


Meat our team

We are a married couple and passionate sailors with more than 70 years of sailing experience. We sailed across Atlantic, Pacific & Mediterranean, but the Adriatic Sea is our paradise that we wouldn’t change for anything.

In our free time, we enjoy being with our children Marta Nola and Roko whether being sailing, skiing or traveling around the globe!


What our guests say

I fell in love with Bel Ami at first sight! I simply enjoy every moment spent on this irresistible wooden beauty.

Anne King / England, 2017

Pila kept his promise - he caught an octopus for us in every bay! The one he cooked was the best meal ever!

Toni Butto / Italy, 2018

Whatever port or bay we sailed into, all the locals recognized the boat and the skipper - Bel Ami and Pila - true Legends! Next summer - here we go again!

George Taylor / England, 2017

Pila taught us how to listen to nature, and Jope showed us the most beautiful hidden parts of the Adriatic Sea. We enjoyed mesmerizing moments under the sails, quiet evenings under the stars, night swimming in the company of plankton .... Thank you for everything, beloved sea people!

Lily Brown / New Zealand, 2018

The best moment of the week was when we were doing a slalom between many anchored boats whose crews were staring at us motionlessly. We were sailing and tacking close to them and then we anchored – without using an engine!!! The sailing adventure of a lifetime!

Jeppe Nordin / Sweden, 2017

We came to Bel Ami because we were watching Mamma Mia II. From now on we will watch Mamma Mia II because we fell in love with Bel Ami. No words to thank you enough!

Jennifer Taylor / England, 2018

The kids were so preoccupied with the boat that they forgot about all the toys and gadgets we brought! Pila took out of the sea amazing shells that they were selling along the way. They caught their first fishes! Pila taught them how to dive. Unforgettable family adventure!

Christopher Winckler / Austria, 2019

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! We thought something like Bel Ami doesn’t exist anymore! Breathtaking moments on the bow in the hammer during the sunset! We will be coming back that is for sure!

Eduardo Aldi / Italy, 2019

In whatever port we sailed in, everyone was staring at this wooden beauty as enchanted. We felt so proud to be 'part' of Bel Ami.

George White / Australia, 2017